Why You Should Wash Your Car By Hand

When you finally get around to washing your car, you want it to be as quick and effective as possible. Automatic car washes seem like an easy solution; you’re in and out within minutes. Many drivers don’t notice the gradual damage caused to the paint and other surfaces on their vehicle due to regular automatic car washes, or at least aren’t really aware of it until the damage has been done.

Hand washing may seem like a chore, but is actually better for your vehicle in the long term. Getting a professional hand car wash will save you the effort and ensure your vehicle comes out exceptionally clean and undamaged.

Automatic Washes

There are actually two common varieties of automatic car washing: friction and touchless washes. Friction washes use mechanized brushes and other automated tools to wipe the vehicle’s surface. It’s quick and entirely autonomous, resulting in a generally fast, cheap and labor-free wash. However, the brushes are unable to get into the smaller spaces on your vehicle and use heavy pressure to get dirt and grime off the paint. This can be harsh on the vehicle and sometimes results in busted mirrors, antennas and damage to other fragile body components.

During a touchless car wash, high-pressure nozzles spray water and chemicals to remove dirt from the vehicle, occasionally followed by friction brushes. The combined chemicals and friction can be very hard on the car’s finish; over time paint can become discolored or lose its luster, at which point your car will only look clean until it dries.

Hand Washing

If time is not a concern, hand washing your vehicle is better in every way. A hand wash done by a professional can get into all nooks and crannies while using no more force than necessary. Professionals at Five Star Auto Center use soft mitts and “green” chemicals to wipe down your vehicle in a way that’s safe for you, your car, and the environment. Professional hand washing is also more efficient, using roughly 40 gallons of water compared to the average 140 used by owners washing at home.1

Hand washing can be followed up by claying, polishing and waxing. These processes help remove embedded dirt and other particles from your vehicle, improving luster and restoring a damaged paint finish. Even the most advanced automatic wash technology can’t provide these benefits, or minimize the potential for damage to the extent of a hand washing.

Free premium hand washing is included with most services at Five Star Auto Repair, so the next time you need your oil changed or your brake pads replaced, consider visiting. In addition to enjoying the best auto services in Rocklin for a great price you can also discover the difference a professional hand wash can make.

For all your auto care needs, contact Five Star Auto Repair Center. Our employees are experienced in delicate, thorough car washes, as well as interior and exterior detailing. We guarantee affordable, top-quality services.

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