Summer Road Trip Preparation & Car Maintenance Checklist

It’s summertime and what better time to take a road trip with your friends or family?! Maybe head up to the mountains to escape the recent heat wave or drive down to Southern California for everything from the beaches to Disneyland. Roll down the windows, blast the music and stop to admire the beautiful scenery. Hey, even take a quick Instagram pic! Wherever you decide to go, Five Star Auto Center is happy to help you prepare with a step-by-step guide for your road trip and make sure your car is in tip-top shape.

Your Road Trip Car Maintenance Checklist

Step 1: Interior & Exterior Wash

Before hitting the road, stop by our center for an interior and exterior wash. Both our hand wash and detail service is highly rated (Check out our Yelp and Facebook reviews!) and we guarantee customer satisfaction. There is no need to begin your adventure with a dirty car!

Step 2: Routine Maintenance

Approximately a week before your road trip departure, stop by Five Star Auto Center for an oil change, which includes a 29 point inspection and other basic maintenance. We will verify that your car’s fluid levels, tires and battery are all in working condition to avoid any problems you may have on the road. Additionally, we will check to make sure your spare tire is fully inflated in case of a flat.

Step 3: Key Maintenance

One of the most important steps when you’re traveling long distances is to check and keep up-to-date on your car’s brakes! These keep you and your passengers safe and on the road, so make sure you schedule regular replacements and inspections for the calipers, rotors, brake hose and pads. If anything needs to be replaced or fixed, we will have it covered in a timely fashion to not delay your road trip!

We always provide a free break inspection and you can check out our seasonal break special today.

Step 4: Pack Up The Car

You can never be too prepared! That means packing up the car with plenty of water, snacks, cell phone chargers, blankets and an emergency kit which includes a first aid kit, flashlight and basic tools. If you’re traveling with kids, be sure to provide games and other forms of entertainment to distract them from constantly saying, “Are we there yet?

Step 5: Summer Road Trip

It’s time to hit the road! Be patient in traffic, take plenty of rest breaks, and drive safely!

Step 6: Detail Cleaning

Upon your return, come on in for a complete detail to wash away the dirt and dead bugs on the windshield, as well as clean up the crumbs from those yummy road trip snacks.

By taking care these steps, you and your car will be prepared for the best road trip vacation ever! Your sparkly clean and fixed-up car will surely take you on a summer adventure that will have long-lasting memories… ones that don’t include flat tires or low engine oil!

If you have any questions, please call us at (916) 315-0555 or visit us for a hand wash, detail and car maintenance at 6818 Five Star Blvd. in Rocklin. We are conveniently located across Stanford Ranch Road from Costco. Happy summer road tripping!

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