Hand Washing Your Car Provides the Best Results

Sure, you can get your car washed at many places – the gas station in the touchless car wash machine (we know kids love those and the pretty, unicorn colors!), doing it yourself at home, or taking it to other local car wash places. But those alternatives may not offer the same benefits as Five Star’s Hand Wash.

In the world of car washes, there are three major types: friction wash, touchless wash, hand wash. Do you know what the differences are?!

A friction wash uses machines to apply friction to the vehicle’s surface to clean it. This is generally pretty inexpensive, because it requires less manual labor. However, this wash is tough on the car and it is possible that breakage or damage can occur to mirrors, antennas or wipers.

A touchless wash uses a series of high-pressure nozzles that apply chemicals to lift the dirt from the vehicle’s finish. The chemicals used are very strong, not environmentally friendly or green, and the car typically only looks clean until it dries.

A hand wash uses human hands for the all-important steps like removing dirt and debris and ensuring an even, pristine finish. Employees are able to thoroughly clean your vehicle, including all the hard to reach areas or indents that machines and nozzles do not reach.


Sure, you can hand wash your vehicle at home every weekend, but did you know that you can save money and be environmentally cautious by using a professional car wash?! On average, a professional car wash uses 30 gallons of water per vehicle, compared to 150 gallons of water used when an individual pulls out the hose and soap at home. Save approximately 6,240 gallons of water a year, by letting a professional car wash do your weekly chore for you.

At Five Star Auto Center we ONLY offer hand washes so our customers can receive the best car wash results and have a sparkly clean vehicle. The benefits of our hand wash versus a touchless or friction wash include:

  1. Our valued and hard-working employees personally inspect, wash and detail your vehicle. Their hands, not a machine or nozzles, thoroughly and gently wash and dry.
  2. We use top-quality car wash mitts for maximum softness, not sponges, which can lead to fine scratches to the exterior body paint.
  3. We use specialty car soaps, not dish soaps, to provide the correct amount of lubrication during the wash in order to leave the wax unharmed.
  4. We use only eco-friendly waxes and polishes to protect and shine your vehicle’s finish.
  5. We use only certified green chemicals are safe to you, your car and the environment.  
  6. We use separate towels for different areas of the car to prevent paint damage to the clear coat.
  7. We offer 2 guarantees to our customers! First, if you aren’t satisfied with your wash, we’ll wash it again before you leave for FREE. Second, if any act of nature (rain, bird droppings, bugs) dirties your car within 48 hours of your purchase, we’ll wash the exterior again for FREE.

To keep your car like new throughout its life, regular car washes are key! Driving a clean car not only makes you feel good, but keeping it in tip-top shape assures that it retains maximum value.

You can join our Fast Pass Membership to get unlimited washes for one monthly rate. PLUS, our Fast Pass features one month free!

Stop by today for a high-quality, professional hand wash. Located at 6818 Five Star Blvd in Rocklin across from Costco.


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