Does COOLANT COLOR matter?

Automobile manufacturers replaced the old green coolant of ten years ago with formula-specific coolant for your make of vehicle. Manufacturer’s claim that using any other coolant besides the coolant designed for their vehicle will compromise the corrosion protection.

All coolants made for automobiles is around 95% ethylene glycol, they all have different protective and anti-corrosion ingredients. Autos are engineered with pump seals, gaskets, polymer parts, and O-rings that are compatible with specific additive formulas, changing from the original coolant poses potential problems.

The color of the coolant itself is only dye and is used to help our auto technicians distinguish one coolant from another.

If you have concerns or other questions regarding your antifreeze or other winterizing issues, just give us a call or drop by so one of our ASE certified technicians can answers your questions and correct any issues. Now is a great time to do preventive maintenance, to ensure your vehicle is prepared for the coming cold and wet weather. Our ASE certified technicians will take care of things like antifreeze, windshield wipers, which will make your winter driving safer and trouble free.

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