Benefits of Waxing Your Car

While many of us keep our vehicle’s mechanics in good working order (with regular oil changes, routine tire care, and other scheduled maintenance) not enough of us give thought to our car’s exterior.

Those of us that do give second thought to our car’s exterior may think waxing our vehicle is a special, occasional “treat,” rather than a part of its standard upkeep. However, there are many advantages to regularly waxing your vehicle.

  1. Maintain Shine

Scratches, dings, exhaust, sand and grit, road debris, all of these can damage your vehicle’s paint job. With regular waxing, however, these hazards make contact with the added layer of wax protectant. This can prolong your paint job and help maintain your vehicle’s factory shine.  

  1. Resist Oxidation

Oxidation occurs when heat and oxygen combine to break down the oils in your paint. This results in a dulled finish. Exposure to harsh UV rays will cause oxidation over time. Routine waxing, however, is one way to protect your car from this ugly process of paint erosion.

3. Protect Your investment

Not many of us consider our vehicle an investment. When it’s time to sell your vehicle, wouldn’t you rather recuperate more of the expenses you’ve invested in the car? The condition of a vehicle’s paint ranks among the top five items affecting the car’s resale value. Dull finish, chalkiness, water spots, peeling paint – all of these can lower your car’s market valuation. Keep your car looking like new with regular waxing and ensure you get top dollar when it’s time to recoup your investment.

4. Save Time

Regular waxing allows for fewer car washes and easier cleaning. When you do wash your car, it will save time; requiring less energy and work to remove debris such as tree sap, insect parts, bird feces, and other environmental substances. Instead of sticking to your car’s paint job, these materials will adhere to your wax, which was designed for easy removal and re-application.

5. Save Money

Reduce the cost of repairs and refinishing. If you choose not to pay for regular waxing, may cost you money in the long run. Undoing the damage of oxidation could require a clay polishing. Restoring your car’s finish to increase its resale value could also cost you 100s of dollars. Save on these costly repairs by regularly waxing your vehicle.

If you thought washing your car was enough, it’s time to think again. Washing an unwaxed vehicle can be virtually the same as spreading a layer of filth on your car’s paint finish. Waxing vehicles isn’t just for car enthusiasts or owners of high value vehicles. Regular waxing is for all cars!

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04/04/2019 |