The catalytic convertor reduces the emissions (exhaust) pollutants to help keep the contaniments out of our air and improve air quality. The converter cleans the pollutants that come out of our tailpipes, reducing hydrocarbons and carbon monoxide to acceptable levels. Signs of trouble can be drivability, loss of fuel economy, rough idling and possibly stalling. If you notice any of these issues it should be checked by one of our ASE certified technicians to determine if the problem is a plugged converter caused by overheating, fouled spark plugs or unburned fuel going through a burned exhaust valve. Sometimes phosphorus from motor oil can cause a converter to foul, which causes the exhaust to have blue smoke and emissions failure.

Don’t wait until you fail a smog inspection before getting your catalytic converter checked. If your car stalls or you have black smoke from the exhaust, bring your vehicle to Five Star Auto Center. We will determine the problem and provide the best possible corrective measures. We also provide regular maintenance to prevent these types of breakdowns before they occur, and smog checks.

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