Late-Summer Car Care Tips


It might be time for back to school, but in the valley, August can still feel like the peak of summer, so it’s important to make sure your car is in tip top shape inside and outside. Five Star Auto Center is all about the best tips and tricks to keep your car well maintained and spotless. Below, we feature our top 8 summer car care tips, specifically for this time of year!

Step 1: Get your car waxed.

You should get your car waxed because it not only adds a glossy coat, but it protects against scratches and wear. The clear coat or wax acts as a sunscreen for your car as it prevents against environmental abuse of the extremely hot sun! Schedule an appointment today for a car wax from the professionals.

Step 2: Have your car regularly washed.

Don’t let bugs or sap get baked on your paint! These pesky nasties can degrade your paint’s seal and leave permanent damage, however regular washes and finishing will keep this from happening. Whether you are driving around town taking the kids to their various activities or weekend road tripping, our team can get you in and out so you can keep your car shiny and new.

Step 3: Use a sunshade.

By using a sunshade when you’re not driving, you will keep your interior from fading over time and it will keep the inside of your car a little cooler for once you get back into it. A cover that goes across the inside of the windshield will protect the dashboard against the ultraviolet rays and help the vehicle cabin stay cooler. Using shades for the rear sides windows will provide protection for the kids and keep the back seats from fading.

Step 4: Get your AC checked.

Air conditioning is obviously a summer essential, but in our environment it can also be necessary in the autumn months. Making sure it’s working properly and there are no leaks is a must. Take a look at our services, and ask about our AC Special at Five Star now!

Step 5: Check your tires and tire pressure.

Although tires need to be checked regularly all year round, it is especially important to do so before a road trip as the weather changes to avoid a flat tire. After driving for an ample distance, check the tires to make sure the treads are free of stones, nails and cracks from the heat.

Step 6: Clean the interior.

Clean the interior free of trash, crumbs and any other waste. Gum, crayons and candy left in the car will melt due to the hot temperatures and can ruin your seats and carpet. Additionally, containers with liquids or sunscreen may burst if the temperature in your car becomes hot enough. A clean car is a happy car!

Step 7: Replace the wipers.

Sure, it’s still warm and rain may not be in the forecast, but if you’re traveling up into the mountains there is a possibility of wet weather or road spray. Worn wipers create dirty streaks across the windshield and can actually affect your field of vision while driving.

Step 8: Car maintenance check.

Whether it’s fluids, oil, or engine… have it checked! Before hitting the road, stop by Five Star Auto Center for high quality auto repair service that includes brakes, tune-ups, fuel injection, water-pumps, radiators and general repairs. Your car deserves to be in perfect condition! Click here to make your appointment today.


Your summer car care can be completed by following these tips for keeping your car well maintained in the peak of summer. If you would like a hand wash, car wax or to have a maintenance check, make an appointment today or drive on over: 6818 Five Star Blvd. in Rocklin, across from Costco.