Avoid Accidents and Unexpected Downtime with Regular Maintenance

Many people neglect having regular service or those pesky warning lights, which can lead to accidents or unexpected, and often expensive, repairs. Scheduled maintenance, such as a routine oil change or manufacturer’s recommended service, can uncover issues before they escalate. What might be a very minor problem now can quickly grow into a very expensive and time consuming one if not attended to promptly by a skilled mechanic.

There are also safety concerns when vehicle maintenance is neglected. Mechanical failures while driving can lead to a serious accident. In many cases, these failures are caused by normal wear or a lack of proper maintenance. Something as simple as cracked or torn wiper blades can impair your visibility. Brakes become worn over time. The more you drive and use your brakes, the more they wear. Eventually, they have to be replaced. Faulty brakes can create a potentially dangerous situation. Why risk an accident when it can be easily avoided?

During a regular scheduled maintenance visit, Five Star Auto Center will thoroughly inspect your vehicle, advise you of any needed repairs and answer any questions you may have about maintaining your vehicle. Best of all, this is done at a time that is convenient for you. We’ll even give you a lift home or to your office if you need one.

Five Star Auto Center can diagnose and repair American and Foreign automobiles and light trucks. We have highly trained ASE Certified technicians using state of the art equipment to diagnose and repair your vehicle.


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