A CLICKING NOISE can be more than just annoying

Clicking noises are not only annoying, they can be serious and should be acted upon immediately.

In most cases a clicking noise is telling you something has failed or is failing.  A clicking sound can be caused by low voltage, meaning your alternator is not charging your battery or your battery is not putting out enough voltage causing your starter to click. In most cases the battery needs to be replaced. Some systems that can cause clicking noises include: suspension system failures, a failed cooling fan motor, loose lug nuts, loose brake calipers or brake pads, or drive shaft U joints. All of these systems need to be checked as soon as possible while some clicking sounds are actually natural occurrences such as fuel injectors.

Our ASE certified technicians will get to the source of the clicking then diagnose the problem before you experience a serious problem or breakdown.  By following up on your hearing  a noise we can fix it before it escalates into a more expensive repair
and have you back driving a safer vehicle in no time.

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