How do I know if my BELTS need to be replaced?

There are two types of belts on your vehicle. One is a set of serpentine belts that take care of your power steering, alternator, air conditioning, compressor and fan. If the serpentine belt breaks, your vehicle could overheat, causing other problems. The serpentine belt should be inspected with every service and replaced when necessary.

The other more important belt is the timing belt. A timing belt must be replaced at standard intervals, usually every 60,000 - 100,000 miles. If the timing belt breaks it can cause serious damage. If your vehicle has an interference engine then a broken belt can result in bent valves and a very costly fix. Even if you have a non-interference engine, if the belt breaks you are going to be stranded and require a tow to a service center.

Unfortunately there are no symptoms to forewarn you of a timing belt problem and the costs can be significant. Replacing a timing belt is cheap when compared to what happens if it breaks.

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